Gain the agility of the AWS cloud 

for your Windows Server workloads

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What are the benefits of Microsoft Windows Server on AWS?

VM Import/Export can be used to convert your existing virtual machine images into Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), which can be used to run Amazon EC2 instances.

AWS provides you with the flexibility to bring your existing Microsoft licenses to AWS, or access the Microsoft software you need directly through AWS and pay for the licenses with pay as you go pricing.

Have License Flexibility

Manage your Windows Server resources in AWS and in your on-premises data center using comprehensive tools with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, and AWS Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM.

Use Your Existing Virtual Machines

Use Familiar Management Tools

Why Choose AWS for running Microsoft Windows Server?

Built with an extensive set of capabilities from end to end data encryption to AWS Direct Connect for networking and Active Directory integration with AWS Directory Service.

Improve Security Posture

With AWS CloudFormation, deploying Windows workloads is quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. AWS provides several DevOps tools and features that support rapid agility, making it easier to experiment.

 Lower large upfront hardware investments and reduce procurement requirements. You’ll be able to access the resources you need with pay-as-you go pricing, helping to improve resource utilization and to reduce TCO.

Improve Agility

Reduce TCO

Amoungst our satisfied customers are Asia Premier Propartners, H&L Retail and Kim Teck Cheong Consolidated Berhad. Read their testimonials below

Who is G-AsiaPacific ?

Since 2008, we have been pioneering cloud computing technology in Malaysia. Currently an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, our technical knowledge and experience with AWS cloud migration enable us to devise your cloud adoption framework, analyze and propose an infrastructure for your application before deploying the migration project.

Asia Premier Propartners

Kim Teck Cheong Consolidated Berhad

"Thank you G-AsiaPacific for giving us the opportunity to test out Windows workload on AWS. We were looking for infrastructure solution and with the opportunity given by G-AsiaPacific, we are able to experience AWS's capability with zero cost. Highly appreciate the smooth migration of our Windows workload by G-AsiaPacific"

"Previously we only have Linux workloads on AWS. With the help of this programme and G-AsiaPacific's expertise, we are finally comfortable to move our Windows workload (Helpdesk system and Asset Control System) onto AWS. Thank you G-AsiaPacific!" 

''With AWS, we can grow our business and expand our company structure without worrying about server costs, hardware maintenance, or unexpected delays . We’re happy moving towards a long-term business relationship . ''


H&L Retail

Gain the agility of the AWS cloud for 

your Windows Server workloads


applicants to get

FREE 5,000 USD AWS credits

FREE Migration 

FREE Deployment 

Migrate your Windows 

Application to AWS Today!

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